ABI & ABI PICTURES is a leading global company in the Indian film entertainment industry, which produces,co-produces, finances, acquires and distributes Indian language films in multiple formats worldwide. The Company was founded by ABINESH ELANGOVAN in 2011. It is a subsidiary of ABI & ABI GROUP OF COMPANIES, INSTITUTIONS & MEDIA and is one of the reputed companies in the Indian film industry. We believe we are pioneers in our business. Our success is built on the relationships we have cultivated over the past 8+ years with leading talent, production companies, exhibitors and other key participants in our industry. Our passion is to make and support best content and deliver to viewers in every corner of the world.

His passion driven company ABI & ABI PICTURES has etched itself in the industry as a provider of differentiated cinematic experience. As we look to further our growth and continued success, we are committed to enhance company’s value and provide distinctive content that our audiences expect from us. We will continue to expand through our expertise in content creation across Motion Pictures and Digital and TV and provide entertainment to our millions of consumers. In time, we wish to emerge as one of the most recognized and most influential entertainment providers globally. In the movie business, we have chosen to focus our energies and resources into producing movies that are rich in story quality and not just star appeal. This is now being done through a very diligent creative collaboration process and has led us being very selective about projects we commission. We will focus on bringing new faces to the industry, as well as stories that fall under new and innovative genres. As times change, the worldview of people also changes. By aligning ourselves to the aspirations of evolving audiences, we strive to deliver content that grips and entices them. Our legacy is of our stories, expressed to viewers in the most appealing of ways. We continue to deliver the same as we understand what ticks, placing our creative zeal in all that we do. We have constantly built relationships across the entertainment industry, while identifying new avenues and markets.

ABI & ABI PICTURES has become synonymous with commercial cutting-edge cinematic content supported by intensive and innovative marketing. We will continue building on our credibility as a leading motion picture studio and maintain focus on scripts, budgets, economies of scale and out-of-the-box marketing. The emphasis will continue to be on optimizing risk-return trade-off by pre-sale of rights as well as production of sequels and series which have an easier acceptance and connect with audiences. The company focuses on partnering with the best creative producers and directors in the industry and promptly monetizing all movie rights primarily in the pre-release stage, thereby de-risking itself from the uncertainties of the movie production industry.

ABI & ABI PICTURES has evolved out of the group’s vision of meeting young India’s aspirations and assuming a leadership position in media and entertainment. Alongside, we are gearing up to create a significant presence in businesses across various vectors of content, internet, broadcast and retail services, as well as platforms for distribution. The company strives to create converged services and platforms for masses to access innovative and cutting-edge content and is committed to creating clutter-breaking films that entertain and enlighten audiences across the globe. From making high-budget blockbusters to youth-oriented films, from working with the biggest actors of the industry to launching young talent in films, from being the distribution house with the strongest global foothold to pioneering new formats of distribution and exploring newer territories, from launching compelling story-telling forms to the numerous digitally led innovations, and has maintained its flagship position across all verticals since its genesis.

ABI & ABI PICTURES has also marked a distinct place in the hearts of other language audience for the efforts we took in bringing the best of Tamil films to other languages and vice versa with our well established distribution network and has been one of the key makers of modern cinema and has heralded cinematic trends since its inception - the way films are made, the way films are marketed and the way films are consumed.

ABI & ABI PICTURES is one of the largest and well-diversified Media & Entertainment (M&E) corporate groups. We also have long standing established relationships across the M&E industry. From inception we have been building our capabilities in film distribution and undertaken distribution of our movies and other studios movies in different territories. We are a strong production house and a vertically fully integrated studio in every sense, controlling almost every part of the value chain from ideation to post production, domestic & international distribution, music & home entertainment, marketing, design, digital, licensing, merchandising, talent management, brand partnerships, music studios and film studios, which make it one of the most coveted entertainment conglomerates in the country.

Equipped with a strong balance sheet, we will continue to capitalize on new opportunities. I believe that our company has strong business visibility for the next few years and will leverage multiple monetization channels as facilitated by the digital revolution. We are ready to capitalize the strong growth opportunity presented by the M&E industry and hope to generate good top-line and bottom-line growth for next few years.Humbled by our success and powered by our ambition, we are working more to entertain people with the best of the best people, technology and team effort. I would like to thank you for your continued support and trust in our group ABI & ABI GROUP OF COMPANIES INSTITUTIONS AND MEDIA. I would also like to thank our dynamic workforce who is the main reason for our success story. I remain grateful to all our stakeholders and assure you that we will continue our quest to build a wholesome family.