About Us

ABI & ABI PICTURES is the dynamic, vibrant start-up at the intersection of films, creativity and youth culture that hopes to challenge the norm and detonate boundaries. Giving the youth a creative outlet and voice that will entertain and unite on film and beyond.

A studio that promises to deliver films of the youth, by the youth, for the youth. And be a platform for talent – both on screen and behind the scenes – who will break and set new rules of story-telling.

The films will be laser-focused on the universe of the young covering all genres – thrillers, comedies, romances, chick-flicks, capers – with fresh music and an aggressive slate of releases in 2013.


The promise of tomorrow, starts with today. For all of the 24 years of our existence, we have never believed otherwise. An ear to the ground has certainly helped. With the exemplary vision of Dr.T.Elangovan, the group has risen to phenomenal heights. And inheriting the same farsightedness and ability to capitalise on small opportunities, the present Managing Director, Mr. T.E.Abinesh leads the group into the future, with the same fixity of purpose.

Today, we are a diversified group with $90 million in our core business of Automobiles, Consumer Electricals& Electronics, Education, Realty. All of which has been achieved through a keen perception of the changing consumer practices, infrastructural investment, technological upgradations and a skilled, cohesive workforce. Above all, an aggressive commitment towards quality through technical and professional perfection is what we strictly adhere to.


A meticulously nurtured staff stands at the very heart of the group. 4000 skilled personnel evince perfect camaraderie. A steadfast dedication to quality and attainment of maximum team potential are the touchstones we live by. We are engaged in a constant learning process through intensive selection and training programs. Indeed, our aspiration is to shape a winning team of self-motivated, empowered professionals with the knowledge and confidence to take independent decisions.

We, at ABI, recognise each employees individually, ability, efforts and applaud their contribution to the success of the group.


For any enterprise to succeed, the support system has to be well oiled and well equipped. With comprehensive infrastructural facilities, we are primed to meet any exigency.

Our factories situated at TAIWAN and CHINA, provide centralised solutions to meet our growing needs. With an aim to optimise efficiency, we have successfully embarked on the course of Backward Integration. From the tiniest screws to injection moulded plastics, we espouse total self-reliance. This has led to significant reduction in production time and cost, while critically heightening our quality.Chase excellence and success will follow. This theme hasbeen the philosophy of ABI & ABI GROUPS CHAIRMAN Dr.T.Elangovan, since its inception.

Apart from the traditional markets like India, ABI & ABI has done historic business even in non-traditional markets such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea.


A quality product at qualitative prices is what we believe in. We endeavour to envisage the consumers needs and to keep them thoroughly satisfied.

The market leader is invariably one with the most satisfied consumers. And that is precisely the way we conduct our business. The ISO,CE certification is a proud feather in our cap. With an ultra modern R & D laboratory and advanced quality control department, we strive to excel in our quest to be the best.

We’ve retained some of the best elements of the classic A of ABI, but reinterpreted them in a young, new age manner. Designed as the universally acknowledged sign of rock and rock n roll…

We are aspiring to be a leading global company in the Indian film entertainment industry, and we now started to co-produce, acquire and distribute Indian language films in multiple formats worldwide including; theatrical, television syndication & digital platforms.

Our success is built on the relationships we have cultivated over the past 25 years with leading talent, production companies, exhibitors and other key participants in our industry. Leveraging these relationships, we have also ventured into Digital Cinema in partnership with UFO by which we have aggregated to over 5000 films in our library, plus an additional 3500 Theatres for which we have supplied the Digital Cinema Equipments only.

The group plans for a distribution network that spans over many countries, with offices in India, UK, USA, Dubai, Australia, Fiji, Isle of Man and Singapore.

The promise of tomorrow start with today. For all the 24 years of its exlstence. We have never believed otherwise. With the exemplary vision of group founder Dr.T.Elangovan, the group rose to phenomenal heights. Thinking ahead is the key to stay ahead. With a focused, well thought of strategy, coupled with an intuitive mind, Mr.T.E.Abinesh catapulted ABI & ABI to multi-product, multi functional company and a force to be reckoned within the world industry.

His name denoting success and spelling entertainment, Abinesh has made ABI & ABI a major force to reckon with. He is devoted like his father to the industry and has continued his efforts to complete all projects the country overand abroad. He also promotes new talent and his commitment to infuse fresh blood into the industry is well known.

He has an infamous passion for Cars and lives the life of a globe trotter for his business expansions.