Eththan (Tamil: எத்தன்; English: Clever person), also known as Ethan is a 2011 Indian Tamil language drama film written and directed by L. K. Suresh. The film stars Vimal, Sanusha in the lead roles, whilst Jayaprakash, Singampuli, Mayilsamy and Manobala in supporting roles, with music composed by Taj Noor. A remake of the 2010 Telugu film Kalavar King, directed by Suresh himself,[2] the film was released on 27 May 2011, with moderate review.


Sathyamurthy (Vimal) is the son of a school teacher DK (Jayaprakash) in Kumbakonam. Sathya is a happy-go-lucky youngster, who yearns to do business. To achieve his ‘mission’, he borrows money from all quarters and is almost drowned in debts. Even as his father advices him to start leading life in a right manner, enters Selvi (Sanusha), a student.
Sathya gets acquainted to Selvi and his life takes a turn. Meanwhile, Selvi is in trouble because her uncle Pandiyan, a rowdy wants her to marry him. This proposal was constantly ignored by Selvi, she hated Pandiyan with her whole heart because he killed her father in front of her. One day while goofing around with Sathya, Selvi loses the necklace that Pandiyan had given her. She was Both Sathya and Selvi escape to Chennai, but Pandiyan and a corrupt inspector comes and troubles them. Sathya brilliantly switch on the police’s cordless phone through which inspector (Sampath Raj) comes to know about Pandiyan and arrests him. The film ends with Sathya opening a cable TV station and becomes successful.


• Vimal as Sathyamoorthy
• Sanusha as Selvi
• Jayaprakash as DK
• Sarvajit as Pandiyan
• Singampuli as Veerasingam
• Pragathi as Sathya’s Mother
• Mayilsamy
• Manobala
• M. S. Bhaskar
• Ilavarasu
• Nandha Saravanan
• Santhana Bharathi as Selvi’s Father
• Senthikumari as Selvi’s Mother
• Saimantha as Selvi’s friend
• Lakshya in a Cameo Appearance
• Sampath Raj as Inspector (Cameo Appearance)